VPN License 1/60/015
ISP License NTC/MM/INT/ISP/1/067/2559
IPv6 service installation (500฿/year) get IPv6 start at 4096 IP Click here
Backup System to protected virus 'Ransomware' Click here
Full mobility 'Fix IP Anywhere' Click here
Internet for Events, Exhibition, Seminar or Live Youtube 4K. Click here
SD-WAN for internet and internetworking. Click here
To complete RJ45 and Fibre, we can make the test report. Click here
Monitor Share File / Share Folder in your network. Click here
Network Installation, VPN, and Network Troubleshooting.
Fix the problem about slow internet or the internet instability.
Anti Spam Gateway > Filter spam and virus for your mail server. Click here
Fix-IP Anywhere > Change your home internet to be Internet Fix-IP. Click here
Solution File Server protected virus Ransomeware Click here
Cloud VM ... Backup system and data at IDC Click here
Installation of all forms of VOIP Click here
Installation of all forms of computer networking and VMware all solution. Click here
Install VMware system to protect system failure (Minimal downtime) Click here
Wiring Fiber and LAN cabling both inside building and outside building.
Troubleshooting the LAN cable and Fiber cable. (Spike Fiber offsite)
To move existing system to the VM Ware (Virtual Machine) Click here
Troubleshooting problem of the LAN slow or unstable.
To make your network work at home (For executives/accounting department).
Server migration services from old to new Server.
Services to Server at IDC (Web/Mail), we can do by not impact to the existing system.
Installation of Mail Server with Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus (high stability). Click here
Installation of DHCP & DNS , this help the router handle more load. Click here
Installation the Terminal Server, it reduce bandwidth usage. Click here
Proxy Server installation, it's speed up internet of your network. Click here
Log Server installation services, follows by the Act 2007. Click here
Log Content Server, to monitoring the internet content usage. Click here
Installation of WiFi and HotSpot in the office building and apartment. Click here
Installation service of the IP-DSLAM in an apartment or a hotel resort.
Firewall installation service, to force the direction of the internet user usage.
Intrusion detection services and fix the loopholes in your network.
Wireless Outdoor services. (To connect LAN between buildings) Click here
Billing system, to calculate the usage of the Internet Apartment.
Billing system of the centralized HotSpot (Like the True Wi Fi system).
Service network link between the branch and headquarters.
Integrate the software ERP usage between branches and headquater.
Services the network linked between branch and IDC (Internet Data Center).
Service Installed of the internet system for the emergency case or exhibition.
Service Installed of the VPN by 3G, ADSL, MPLS, Leased Line and T1.
VOIP service with unlimited usage (590 baht/month).
Integrate PABX systems can receive calls and make calls over the Internet.
Link the extension of the PABX system, it can call each other without charge.
Service installed of the Sip Server in case of over 100 extensions.

Service move Web/Mail system to new server by don't impact the existing system.
Server installation service at IDC by the professional team.
Server Colocation at IDC CAT (Reliable International Bandwidth for the Mail Server).

Server Size

IP Address
Electric Power
1 U / Slim
1 Output
2 U
2 Output